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Weddings Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions form part of the contract signed between Vallum Farm (“the venue”) and you (“the client”) – which is to say the person making the booking.  Once a booking is confirmed and a deposit paid, a binding contract is in place.

  1. General
  2. A provisional booking can only be held for fourteen days.
  3. A non-refundable deposit of £1,500.00 is required to secure your reservation. On receipt of this, your booking will be confirmed to you in writing. We only accept online payments or Cheques and do not accept card payments.
  4. Until we receive the deposit your booking is provisional, and we reserve the right to sell the date.
  5. A discretionary service charge of £100.00 will be added to your Wedding Notes, this will go directly to our permanent staff who work all year round. If you would like to leave a service charge for our part-time staff please let our Wedding Co-ordinator know,
  6. A further 50% of the outstanding balance is payable sixteen weeks before the date of your wedding and is non-refundable. It is your responsibility to ensure that this payment is received by the confirmed due date.
  7. The final numbers along with outstanding balance is payable six weeks prior to your wedding. All monies paid are non-refundable after this date.
  8. Prices quoted are correct at the time of going to print. Vallum Farm reserves the right to alter prices of food and drink due to price changes from our suppliers and changes in VAT.
  9. The client assumes responsibility for any loss or damage to Vallum Farm property caused by their guests, whether in the room(s) reserved or in other parts of the venue. In the event of damages, or extra cleaning incurred, we reserve the right to make the relevant charge to the client.
  10. It will be client’s responsibility to specify and liaise with the sub-contractors (taxis, photographer, registrar, etc.) that we will also need the contact details for.
  11. The property has a lake, which represents a potential water hazard. You will be made familiar with this hazard when you view the venue and it will be your responsibility to highlight this hazard to your guests. All children are the responsibility of their parents; please watch them at all times!
  12. Vallum Farm does not accept responsibility for any private property left unattended on the premises. Vehicles may be left over night but at their own risk and must be collected by 11.30am the following day.
  13. Children: We cannot accept any liability in the event of accidents. It is expected that all parents and guardians keep a watchful eye to ensure that children are confined within the area of the wedding.
  14. Children are priced up to the age of 10 years old for a half portion at half the price.
  15. If you are providing your own drink and paying corkage for arrival, toasting and table drinks, your own drink must be cleared away as soon as the wedding speeches are finished or after the deserts have been served depending on which is sooner. The staff will remove them and put them to one side, ready to be collected the following day.
  16. The music and bar service must end at 11.00pm.
  17. No alcohol or food must be brought into the venue that has not been authorised with Vallum Farm. Any unauthorised alcohol discovered during an event will be confiscated without prior consultation and returned to the guest for the relevant corkage charge on any alcohol consumed at the end of the event.
  18. All internal areas are non-smoking areas. Strictly no smoking or candles in the tipi.
  19. No fireworks or processed confetti are permitted. Dried and fresh flower petal confetti ARE permitted.
  20. Maximum number for the Paddock Marquee for the Wedding breakfast is 160.The ceremony area holds a maximum of 160. Vallum Farm charge £250.00 to hold a ceremony on site.
  21. In the event of unruly behaviour, the wedding will be stopped until decorum is resumed. ‘Unruly’ includes but is not restricted to the consumption of alcohol which has not been bought through Vallum. Unruly guests will be asked to leave.
  22. Cancellation Policy
  23. If the booking is cancelled more than 12 months before the wedding there will be the loss of the £1,500.00 deposit.
  24. If the booking is cancelled 12 to 6 months before the wedding there will be a charge of 25% of the estimated costs.
  25. If the booking is cancelled 6 to 3 months before the wedding there will be a charge of 50% of the estimated costs.
  26. If the booking is cancelled under 3 months before the wedding there will be a charge of 100% of the total costs.
  27. In the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Vallum Farm, it may be necessary to change or cancel your booking. Where the change is considered major, as decided by Vallum Farm, you will have the option to accept the change or receive a full refund of any monies paid. Vallum Farm is not responsible for any other costs, expenses or damages incurred by the Client as a result of changes.
  28. In the unlikely event of cancellation on your part, we regret that all deposits and down payments are non-refundable. We strongly recommend the purchase of Cancellation Insurance for Weddings. The final details for all events must be agreed at least one month before the function date. Changes to any arrangements made with the proprietors must be submitted in writing at the earliest possible date and agreed with them.

We therefore strongly advise you to take out an Insurance Policy to cover eventuality.

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time that we deem responsible to do so.



We have very competitive rates on corkage.  There are a few parameters within which we choose to work, and a little advice on quantities  :



Served for 1 hour after arrival or after your ceremony.

If you are opting for corkage, we advise a third bottle of Prosecco per head, so for 100 guests around 33 bottles of Prosecco.  Don’t forget to bring a soft option for any children and guests who need a non-alcoholic option.  If you would like to offer eg a welcome drink and then bottles of beer you are very welcome to do so.  If you need two styles of glasses for your welcome drinks (or other), there is a supplementary charge of 75p per head.



We always put water glasses and jugs of water on the table, which we refill throughout the meal.

You may choose up to 2 varieties of wine for the table which will be on the table throughout the main course.  The bottles are replaced as they empty throughout the meal.  Guests will be offered a top up of wine before main courses are cleared and the bottles will be cleared.  Any leftover wine will be put to one side for you to collect the next day.   If choosing the corkage option and you would particularly like to continue drinking your wine after the main course and into the evening, we charge corkage of £15 per bottle on a bar tab, which you would settle at the end of the night.

Depending on your group, budget around a third of a bottle per head.  We put one size glass of wine on the table to allow plenty of space for the food!  Guests are welcome to a fresh glass if they would like to change wines.



Budget 1 glass per head, 6 glasses per bottle.

We strongly advise you do toasts after deserts or with desert when opting for the Trio.  Your speakers will receive a warmer reception as everyone has got to know eachother, eaten and relaxed .. giving more laughs in the right places and a great atmosphere!

Our tables are set up with the toasting flute and the toasting drink is poured by our team just before your speeches.



We find that, nowadays, people are less interested in the tea and coffee service. However, we are fully equipped with silver tea and coffee pots and are more than happy to serve tea and coffee to your tables.

Alternatively, you could choose a tea and coffee station for guests to help themselves to for ½ hour or so after the meal?  You are also welcome to have a tea and coffee tab on the bar which you pay at the end of the night.  Staff will inform guests of the tea and coffee option when clearing.


Licensing Laws

We adhere strictly to licensing laws and have trained our staff through the Personal Licensing course in March 2019.  A few guidelines which you may not be aware of are :


  • It is an offence for an authorised person knowingly to allow the consumption of alcohol by a child under 18 on licensed premises. The fine to the server OR a person buying alcohol for them is £1,000.  The only exception to this is when a child of 16 or over is bought a full meal by a supervising adult (a person of 18 or over). The adult must then supervised the consumption of alcohol at the meal.


Penalties for allowing Drunk or Disorderly Conduct on a Licensed Premises

  • It is illegal for a member of staff to serve a customer who they believe to be drunk or disorderly. It is also illegal for a third party to purchase a drink for a drunk or disorderly person.  The fine from the licensing body is £1,000 against the bar server or the person buying the drink.

‘Anyone working in licensed premises, in a position to do so, must prevent drunk or disorderly conduct on the premises. Conviction for allowing drunk or disorderly conduct on licensed premises will result in a fine not exceeding Level 3 on the standard scale of £1,000.’ Award for Personal License holders


Drug Use

  • We operate a zero tolerance to drug and illegal substances.


Non-authorised alcohol:

If your guests bring alcohol on site we will confiscate it and charge the Bride and Groom corkage for any alcohol consumed.  Please tell your guests that we have a zero tolerance on bringing alcohol to Vallum. We strongly advise that you advise all guests not to bring alcohol on site.

Corkage charges for non-authorised alcohol: 70cl bottle spirits £120, miniature 50cl spirit £10, beer £5 per can or bottle, wine £20 per bottle.