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Summer at Vallum

What a Summer it has been…

What a summer it has been… heat galore meant the crops were in remarkably early allowing farmers a more sociable summer than usual and we enjoyed a really good boost to the season meaning we were completely spoilt for courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, kale, squash and more … and the celeriac is already being harvested!

We have reduced the kitchen garden area significantly as we don’t need all the space and the land has been put back to grass.  We still have plenty of produce coming out of the Kitchen Garden tunnels and raised beds .. its a question of keeping up with it and using it before it goes over!

Summer Tipi

Reece made a delicious celeriac soup this week with a little truffle oil to finish and we have been salt baking the celeriac in recipe development time.  The result has been varied depending on which oven we use .. with the bread oven giving the juiciest bake!  Once we have salt baked the crazy root for over an hour we then sauté it in butter to caramelise.. this is perking up our office day as we are taken along for tastings!!

The chefs have enjoyed perfecting the new Winter Tipi menu which is open on set dates between now and Christmas or to book for private dining.  The tipi gives such a lovely unique atmosphere and is so easy to keep cozy.

Our chefs have developed a grazing, sharing and very seasonal menu where you can either take a whole table for 6 or join others on the communal table for foodie chatter.  We have a quirky bar which Vallum’s wonderful Jolaru Interiors developed in their studios on site and a fire in the middle of the tipi to layer up that winter ambience.

In other news we have ended up with a cocktail (see what I did there) of chicks this summer of all different colours so are looking forward to the eggs again in spring.  Which brings leads in rather well to me telling you about Skosh in York.  We went on a team jolly this week and MY GOODNESS their hens egg small plate is heaven in a pottery egg.  We will be back and you must go!!

The Winter Tipi menu is available on our Vallum Farm Weddings & Events Facebook page or email me on and I will look after you.