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Spring is on the way!

Spring is on the way!

Oh my goodness, we are hanging out for spring time…

I walked through Corbridge the other day and the crocuses were psychedelic against the dismal winter colours, the sun was out – the promise of spring and everything turning green is too much to bear!

We’ve been busy with weeding viewings recently – showing couples the barn and the Chef’s Room just adds to the sense of anticipation. 

We had our first wedding of 2018 in February and the sprouting broccoli and kale were stars of the show. We also had guests going crazy for North Acomb Farm’s sous vide topside of beef. Robin Baty provides the very best beef and pork – and it’s just four food miles away.

Spring Hadrian's Wall

The Kitchen Garden

We really must get our carrot and radish seeds planted in the polytunnels – with winter slowly being put behind us and the temperatures rising a little I think it’s worth a go. The nights are finally starting to feel ever so slightly longer, don’t you think?

My favourite new place to eat was recommended by my friend ‘American’ Mary. A veritable bloodhound when it comes to cool restaurants, she sent us to Chill Padi near St James’ Park in Newcastle, and wow, it hit the spot. You bring your own booze and Mary recommended the Prawn Tiaw, which is basically a super king prawn in a doughnut batter (seriously!) with mayonnaise (seriously again!) which was fantastic. I had a beef dish (pictured) which appeared on the menu swamped by chilli symbols, and it was out of this world.

My other top pick is from the general store in Brighton Grove – Panir Food Store – opposite Persian Delight (another favourite). It looks like a butchers when you go in, but turn right and follow your nose to the back to try the potato, tomato and spinach bread, and the regular flatbreads. The Persian breads are making it onto some of our wedding menus this year.

I’m so looking forward to the sun, the smell of grass, and the yurts we have coming from Cloudhouses for Midsummer – I can smell that wood fire now!