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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Paddock Marquee

These Terms & Conditions form part of the contract signed between Vallum Farm (“the venue”) and you (“the client”) – which is to say the person making the booking.

Once a booking is confirmed and a deposit paid, a binding contract is in place.

1. General

  1. Aprovisionalbookingcanonlybeheldforfourteendays.
  2. Anon-refundabledepositof£1,500.00isrequiredtosecureyourreservation.Onreceipt of this, your booking will be confirmed to you in writing.
  3. Until we receive the deposit your booking is provisional and we reserve the right to sell the date.
  4. Afurther50%oftheoutstandingbalanceispayablesixteenweeksbeforethedateof your wedding and is non-refundable. It is your responsibility to ensure that this payment is received by the confirmed due date.
  5. Thefinalnumbersalongwithoutstandingbalanceispayablesixweekspriortoyour wedding. All monies paid are non-refundable after this date.
  6. Pricesquotedarecorrectatthetimeofgoingtoprint.VallumFarmreservestherightto alter prices of food and drink due to price changes from our suppliers and changes in VAT.
  7. TheclientassumesresponsibilityforanylossordamagetoVallumFarmproperty caused by their guests, whether in the room(s) reserved or in other parts of the venue. In the event of damages, or extra cleaning incurred, we reserve the right to make the relevant charge to the client.
  8. Itwillbeclient’sresponsibilitytospecifyandliaisewiththesub-contractors(taxis, photographer, registrar, etc.) that we will also need the contact details for.
  9. The property has a lake, which represents a potential water hazard. You will be made familiar with this hazard when you view the venue and it will be your responsibility to highlight this hazard to your guests. All children are the responsibility of their parents; please watch them at all times!
  10. VallumFarmdoesnotacceptresponsibilityforanyprivatepropertyleftunattendedon the premises. Vehicles may be left over night but at their own risk and must be collected by 11.30am the following day.
  1. Children:Wecannotacceptanyliabilityintheeventofaccidents.Itisexpectedthatall parents and guardians keep a watchful eye to ensure that children are confined within the area of the wedding.
  2. Childrenarepriceduptotheageof12yearsoldforahalfportionathalftheprice.
  3. If you are providing your own drink and paying corkage for arrival, toasting and table drinks, your own drink must be cleared away as soon as the wedding speeches finish. The staff will remove them and put them to one side and ready to be collected the following day.
  4. Themusicandbarservicemustendat11.00pm.
  5. Noalcoholorfoodmustbebroughtintothevenuethathasnotbeenauthorisedwith Vallum Farm.
  6. Allinternalareasarenon-smokingareas.
  7. No fireworks or confetti are permitted.
  8. MaximumnumberforthePaddockMarqueefortheWeddingbreakfastis150.The ceremony area holds a maximum of 120. Vallum Farm charge £250.00 to hold a ceremony on site.
  9. Intheeventofunrulybehavior,theweddingwillbestoppeduntildecorumisresumed. Unruly guests will be asked to leave.

2. Cancellation Policy

  1. Ifthebookingiscancelledmorethan12monthsbeforetheweddingtherewillbethe

    loss of the £1,500.00 deposit.

  2. Ifthebookingiscancelled12to6monthsbeforetheweddingtherewillbeachargeof

    25% of the estimated costs.

  3. Ifthebookingiscancelled6to3monthsbeforetheweddingtherewillbeachargeof

    50% of the estimated costs.

  4. Ifthebookingiscancelledunder3monthsbeforetheweddingtherewillbeachargeof

    100% of the total costs.

  5. InthecaseofunforeseencircumstancesbeyondthecontrolofVallumFarm,itmaybe necessary to change or cancel your booking. Where the change is considered major, as decided by Vallum Farm, you will have the option to accept the change or receive a full refund of any monies paid. Vallum Farm is not responsible for any other costs, expenses or damages incurred by the Client as a result of changes.
  6. Intheunlikelyeventofcancellationonyourpart,weregretthatalldepositsanddown payments are non refundable. We strongly recommend the purchase of Cancellation Insurance for Weddings. The final details for all events must be agreed at least one month before the function date. Changes to any arrangements made with the proprietors must be submitted in writing at the earliest possible date and agreed with them.

    We therefore strongly advise you to take out an Insurance Policy to cover eventuality.


We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time that we deem responsible to do so.