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Winter Weddings at Vallum Farm

Winter Weddings at Vallum Farm

The winterisation of the Paddock Marquee is a little tricky this year as we have more winter weddings than ever before.

It is a pretty good plan in many ways .. making the most of lower venue hire fees and possibly negotiating favourable rates with suppliers during the quieter times of year.  Daylight is at a premium so you need to plan your photos and plan for weather.. this can actually lead to some real juxtaposition work with beautiful beaming couples in all their finery, photographed against straw bales and concrete panels or a vintage tractor .. perhaps with a nosey hen walking in to check things out!  I love these sorts of photographs because they are so unique.

Hannah & Andrew by Karen McGowran Photography

Vallum Farm Paddock Marquee by Karen McGowran Photography.


As always our focus at Vallum is the food and hospitality.  So much so that we are adding an outdoor / indoor barn area to the marquee.  This will give parties the option to take a break from the music and chill their dancing shoes for a bit, in a very rustic Farm-dressed barn. It should also provide us with our sheltered cooking area which we have been angling for, ever since our visit to Ireland’s Big Grill festival last year .. actually more of a feastival!!  It’s just a case of working out how to do it!!

Our chefs are primed for recipe development when they get back from Christmas, taking our offering and skills ever forwards.  This winter we have been playing around with Persian for different buffets and outside catering work.  It is so colourful, aromatic, fresh I just love it.  The harissa Lamb has been hugely popular as have the chargrilled aubergine and flat iron steak crostini .. mouth-wateringly delicious.

Hannah & Andrew by Karen McGowran Photography

Hannah & Andrew by Karen McGowran Photography.


It is at this time of year that we start looking at the Garden and planning the plants we will grow.  We missed our window on celeriac this year and I am missing it already!! We cropped all through December January February .. there is just NOTHING like freshly picked vegetables.  We are currently picking kale and sprouting broccoli which is equally delicious!!

Well .. we have progress to make at our desks in the winter so the pace of work changes.  It’s a strange adjustment from the flat out run up to Christmas and we can’t wait to get started on new ideas and systems for 2018.

Our rustic farm country weddings are relaxed, informal and chilled.  We like to say ‘yes’ to every request we can so that every wedding is completely individualised … role in 2018 .. what hi jinx will you have in store for us?!