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Wedding Bookings at Vallum

Wedding Bookings at Vallum

We have been incredibly busy this month showing the marquee to newly engaged couples and their families.  I think it has been a record year for engagements in the North East!

Sometimes I get the impression the whole wedding process is overwhelming to couples.  When Peter and I married we both wanted a very small wedding, my sister did the flowers, we went to a country hotel in Scotland and got married in a tiny church with snow in the hills.  We didn’t realise we couldn’t start on the mulled wine until after the ceremony!  Poor vicar.  So I never felt the stress of all the decisions and all the guests to organise.  It got me to thinking …

Vallum may take care of the food, drink, service and special venue touches but there are quite a few others pieces of the puzzle to organise and we are in a position to help.

We have met quite a few photographers / florists / bands / Dj’s / hairdressers so why not pass their details on?  They are instantly tried and tested with our seal of approval so it’s a good starting point for couples.

Some really stand out because we loved their style or they really ‘get’ Vallum and their interpretation came through in their work.  Others are very local, know the Farm and are very easy to work with.  You are going to find more flexibility meeting on site with local, small businesses who can pop over to Vallum in 5 minutes than the most amazing videographer from Winchester .. but at the end of the day you need to look at their different styles and see who gives you goosebumps and … drum roll .. if they are available.
Wedding Photographer

Ok .. we supply you with a suggested supplier list from favourites to funky .. ✅

Then we got to thinking about all the little details that need organising and remembered that our wonderful wedding guru Jonathan Cornish gave us a ‘guide for Brides’ (& grooms) 3 years ago .. its a bit of fun but has a serious side to it and helps de-mystify the planning somewhat.  

So, we supply you with a bespoke Vallum Guide for brides … ✅

Accommodation … if there’s one question are always asked it’s about accommodation.  Is there any wonder?  With up to 160 guests you wonder where they will all stay. There has been a noticeable surge in New hoteliers in the Tyne Valley over the last 6 months.  We have visited two which stand out so much.  We went to meet them and they were thrilled to be able to work with us.

So .. we supply you with preferential booking rates for wedding parties .. and special taxi rates  .. ✅

Finally … a few years ago we found the most beautiful hard back wedding planning note book.  The way it is laid out means brides can document the journey for their wedding and keep it as a memento.  It’s just too beautiful to resist … it has been on our radar for such time that the business could afford to be more generous to our clients ..

So .. beautiful wedding planner .. ✅

The whole brainstorm has turned into a Vallum bundle which we will present in branded folders and post out to couples when they have booked their wedding at Vallum.  It’s so rare to receive feel good letters any more, more brown envelopes than stiff invitations .. so am buffing off my fountain pen and handwriting personal letters to each couple.  I would love that to land on my door mat .. it’s true .. I am addicted to stationery!

Can’t wait to send our first packs out!