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Save the Date

You have done it! Your venue is booked, and your Wedding date is set.

Once your guest list is complete, Save the Dates are a quirky way to tell your nearest and dearest they are invited! This also gives them a chance to reserve the date and make sure they are free to celebrate your day with you. Not everyone sends Save the Dates, if you are keeping it small and intimate there is probably no need. However, if your Wedding is bigger and Save the Dates are within your budget, your why not! You want to spread the word about your big day as soon as possible.

When making your guest list of who to send your Save The Dates to, don’t forget the following people:

  • Close Family
  • Wedding Party
  • Guests taking part in key roles at the Wedding
  • Must have people you could not celebrate your day without!

When choosing when is best to send your Save The Dates, 6 months before your Wedding Day is usually the right time. If your Wedding is located away from home, it may be best to send your Save the Dates 9 months before. This will allow guests to book transport and hotels well in advance. Remember, don’t send them out too late. Guests may feel they were an after thought when your guestlist was planned!

There are lots of cool and interesting ideas for Save the Dates, check our Wedding Teams favourites here. Save the Dates are the perfect time to play around with your Wedding theme and get creative! Save the Dates do not need to be as formal as your Wedding invitation.

Don’t forget to include the following when designing your save the dates:

  • Who’s Wedding? Your can keep it very relaxed and just put your first names or go formal and include both of your full names
  • What is happening? A Wedding of course!
  • Where will it be held? Why not keep it simple and include only the City or Town. You could include the full address on your invitation
  • When is it? Don’t forget the most important part, the date! Why not have a calendar with your special date circled
  • If you did want to include your venue, link their website so guests can have a look at where the celebrations will be held


Save the Dates are perfect to initiate the buzz around your Wedding day! Get online for inspiration and be creative!