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Flower Walls

Kim and Kanye had one… Meghan and Harry had ‘That Arch’ and it would seem North East brides are all over the hot trend of putting flower walls front and forward at your wedding.


We had 3 weddings in a week that featured Flower Walls so, it is definitely trending and set to do so in 2020!


There are a variety of suppliers out there .. you can go for a solid wall of faux flowers giving you the wonderful soft colours to complement your theme and they don’t break the bank.  The texture in the photos from came through strongly and it is gave very distinctive photographs .. when have you ever stood in front of a wall of flowers?  There were little shoots of faux eucalyptus dotted around to break up the pale pinks and creams, really setting the flowers off.  The flowers on the tables were supplied by the same company, they wee understated and matched the wall so the effect on the room was soft, tasteful, calming and so, so pretty.  It always surprises me when I walk into the same marquee and each time the ‘feel’ is so different.  Flower people are so clever and they don’t HAVE to be real to be very effective!


The next wall was huge and mostly green in the centre then lots of flower heads and wisteria woven into the corners creating a sort of soft frame around the edge.  It was so top heavy with flowers that there had to be substantial weights on the back.  It took two people over 2 hours to put together.  The wall was behind the top table for the Wedding Breakfast then we moved it at night so that all the guests could use it .. the photos looked really dramatic with the guests outfits really ‘popping’ against the green back ground and the flowers above and to the side .. making the whole effect very opulent!!  This bride also chose weeping white faux trees to go on each table .. it completely transformed the room into a whimsical wonderland .. we loved it!


Our last wall was smaller and very fragrant.  The artificial back drop had faux AND real flowers so the fragrance really did something to the pleasure zones in your brain when you standing next to it.  The couple had the same real flowers within their table arrangements as on the wall so when you walked into the room you were greeted by a heady, heavenly fragrance.  I love that.


There are lots of Flower Wall suppliers in the North East now and the prices vary hugely.  As with everything cost depends how long it is going to take a supplier to prepare and make the flower wall.  Honestly, I loved them all and the most cost effective was the faux flowers with eucalyptus, quick to put up and quick to take down.  At £150 I thought it wasn’t bad and they go up to .. well .. if you are Kim and Kanye I dread to think!


Here’s a great example of a Flower Wall  from here at Vallum Farm for some inspiration:



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